Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

This was shot in Melbourne, Victoria.  The speed sign and the aeroplane was what got me as the ‘merge’ of art.  I chose it because most of my photos are about looking up and trying to juxtapose the solidity of being on the ground with the movement of the air.

merging metal: digital photograph

Architecture Cubed

This is a collection of architecture photos which are stark and lifeless…which is pretty much what architecture communicates  in the cityscape.  These photos were taken in Geelong and Melbourne, (Victoria, Australia) and represent the bland and alienating nature of modern architecture in the urban landscape…when its done on the cheap!!!.

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Architecture as art

Here are a few artistic interpretations of architecture and shapes against the sky or transport.  Previous posts have been about the transience of travel, while  these images are more about the solidity of ground and being anchored to place.  They also offer another dimension with regard to the juxtaposition of shapes in the urban environment.

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Colours of the Mediterranean

These photos were shot off the coast of France (Antibes)  having expected to see an azure-blue sea I captured a grey foggy mist – and these are colour photos –  which fits perfectly with my idea that travel is about distance, however loneliness at times can be part of it too.

I think these photos convey this feeling.

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