Floating home

This is my entry into the 12″ by 12″ exhibition at Art is…Gallery in Geelong. This photograph was taken off the coast of France and I have tried to juxtapose the idea of an aircraft floating to its destination, and yachts representing someone’s home – all floating.

The exhibition open this Friday 6:00pm and runs through to the 26th of September 2013, so if you’re in the area drop in ūüôā

Floating home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

My response to this week’s photo challenge was taken near Melbourne Airport and the image captures the ¬†juxtaposition of a car and an aeroplane both ¬†heading to where they need to be. ¬†The idea was to capture where the airport meets the road…what could be more fleeting than that ¬†???


© strobedriver 2013

more images for this challenge can be seen here


Architecture and shadows…

Here are some architectural images from a recent trip to Italy, ¬†some of which have an ¬†overlay of shadows, and that represent the deep colours of Italy and the vibrant symmetry ¬†of what squares and oblongs can offer…my trip was due to my partner being invited to exhibit in Florence and we ended up staying for 5 weeks. ¬†Photo heaven!!!!

Architecture Cubed

This is a collection of architecture photos which are stark and lifeless…which is pretty much what architecture communicates ¬†in the cityscape. ¬†These photos were taken in Geelong and Melbourne, (Victoria, Australia) and represent the bland and alienating nature of modern architecture in the urban landscape…when its done on the cheap!!!.

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