Weekly Photo Challenge – Up

Here are a couple of aviation-centric ‘up’ photos I took whilst on a recent trip to Italy…

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Science-fiction architecture

I was impressed by the ‘coldness’ of these images and I thought they had a lifelessness to them.  The starkness and emptiness is what I strived for in architectural photography


Architecture and shadows…

Here are some architectural images from a recent trip to Italy,  some of which have an  overlay of shadows, and that represent the deep colours of Italy and the vibrant symmetry  of what squares and oblongs can offer…my trip was due to my partner being invited to exhibit in Florence and we ended up staying for 5 weeks.  Photo heaven!!!!

Architecture as art

Here are a few artistic interpretations of architecture and shapes against the sky or transport.  Previous posts have been about the transience of travel, while  these images are more about the solidity of ground and being anchored to place.  They also offer another dimension with regard to the juxtaposition of shapes in the urban environment.

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