About me

From a creative perspective I am a photographer with a strong interest in the abstract notions and emotions of travel.  I am intrigued by the feeling  of being ‘neither here nor there’… that is to say I like the idea that when one travels one is neither in one location or the other but is ‘travelling.’  I try to capture this momentum in my photos.   I hope it works…!!!!

From an academic/journalism perspective I have a strong interest in war and the modern nation-state – having completed my PhD on this subject, which was entitled Why winning a war is no longer necessary: Modern warfare and the United States of America through the prism of the wars of Vietnam and Iraq.  downloading from (The thesis will be available from the Australian Digital Theses website soon).

My current access to this subject is through being a sessional tutor and lecturer at the University of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  I am also writing articles etc, on this subject.

You can see more of my photos on Facebook

You can follow all of my thoughts  – arty or otherwise on twitter

You can establish professional connections with me on Linkedin

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